A Statement of Misson


I’m a man and I like to muse. Correction, technically I’m a man as I’m a male over the age of 18 (ahem, 32), and I think a lot. In my musing I like to see what other men’s musings are but here’s my current problem which lead to me musing about writing down my own musings; men don’t muse. Well,  none that I can find other than those either wishing to discuss sports, simply show comedy clips from YouTube or score girls of the interweb on things other than their IQ.

In my wisdom, and since I am man, I am wise (apparently), I have decided to jot down my musings. Recently I started a blog about the job I was doing which I enjoyed very much but since I’m not currently doing that job, it’s kinda redundant now. I spend a lot of my time musing and, although I may be biased, most of my musings are interesting…at least they are to me. My main problem is that I think quite quickly, normally flitting through several things within a matter of seconds. So much so that quite often while perusing through my current facebook news feed, I’ll think about doing something on my phone yet as I keep scrolling, within a couple of posts I’ve forgotten what it was I was going to do and I then have to scroll back up to re-inspire myself. Thus, this endeavour may in fact prove fruitless or, due to me not remembering everything to say about something I’m thinking, there may be fruit but I can’t guarantee the quality of said produce and may actually be ever so slightly rotten.

Regardless, let’s have it…first subject, What Pigeons Really Think! Definitely gonna be a winner.


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