How Not To Present A Corporate Message

So among other things, I’m also a video presenter of sorts. I’ve presented to camera on a number of occasions for companies’ training videos and pilots for Web channels in the past. 

Recently I got to put my presenting AND video editing to the test. However, as a result of editing the videos too, for the first time, I had the originals and as a result thought I’d have a laugh at myself by making a bloopers vid. Not being able to get the simplest of words out whilst looking ‘down the barrel’ can be extremely frustrating. I can only liken it to those moments in school when you can’t stop giggling no matter how much teacher is telling you off. 

With that in mind I thought I’d throw this up. This video was filmed as part of series of informative web videos for a SEO marketting company called Pirl Media who specialise in Search Engine Optimisation which is simply getting your website to the top of search engine listings (which in practice is anything but simple.)


I am actually planning on vlogging in the future so maybe posting this as my first video on my new channel  isn’t the best idea but who cares? Let’s have a laugh (at my expense).


Please like the video and subscribe to the channel!


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