JBL Xtreme Wireless Portable Speaker

So let’s not beat around the bush…this is the best portable speaker I’ve used.

The greatest thing in my opinion is that it CAN be portable, however is perfect for the house too. The bass range is more than enough for the size and the volume…oh the volume. It’s amazing how loud you can get this thing with no loss of quality.

I tried my best to make this distort (everything turned up to 11) and nothing. No clipping or distorting whatsoever.

From now on, this will be my go to speaker for every outing/trip I take. Not only that, it’ll be the speaker I use when in the kitchen and the bath. With that fact that it’s waterproof, I no longer worry about any condensation ruining a speaker I’m using in the bathroom. Obviously submerging this speaker would likely kill it, if not drastically harm it, but who in their right mind wants a speaker underwater?

Additionally, this speaker works as a powerbank with 2 USB ports solely for hooking up phones or tablets to charge.

All in all, a great portable speaker and with the ability to wirelessly pair 2 of these together, it could very well be my new home system.

I also hooked it up to my TV to see how it did.



Could not recommend this speaker more. Take a look at my video for an unboxing and a hands-on look:

Get it here:

Black: https://goo.gl/t4fGwz
Red: https://goo.gl/mGFdKR



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