Mac Or PC For 2017?

So whichever side I come down on is going to annoy someone.

However, what I’m going to do here is make my case and back it up with facts. Not just, I like this one because it’s all I’ve known, or I like this one because it’s shiny and new and that means it’s better.

Out of the equation is familiarity. I’m lucky that I manage to learn new programs quickly. With that in mind, a completely new OS to me would probably take a couple of days to a week for me to master and that’s an amount of time I’m willing to put up with.

So which one? Mac or PC

Well, it depends on what you’re doing and what you need the machine for. (However, within this video, if my notes are anything to go by, I’m gonna negate that whole premise too).

What am I planning to do?

The most labour intensive activity you’re going to put your future machine through is precisely what you need to plan for. What I need it for, is probably the most intensive type of computing anyone outside of Quantum Mechanics will need a machine for; video editing and rendering.

4K is quickly becoming the norm and although I don’t have anything that captures true 4K yet, I’m planning for the future…and here we hit our first stumbling block; Future Proofing.

Buying the latest top spec Mac or off-the-shelf PC now, is good…for NOW!

It may even be capable for the next 18 months – 2 years but if past new releases are anything to go by, that’ll be it. After 2 years, if not before, an off-the-shelf computer will be outdated. Mac or PC! That’s not to say it won’t run and do what you wanted it to at the time of purchase, but it’s not going to be capable of doing what you want it to do…NEXT!

So you need something that can grow and it’s at this point where you kinda know where I’m going with this; Mac’s closed system doesn’t allow for this type of thing…much. And I say ‘much’ because official upgrades can always be got by going back to Mac or to a 3rd party company who will upgrade your system. You can also do it yourself with a kit, but that’s not for the faint hearted. This is expensive but it can be done. The Apple closed system has always been topic of controversy and major bugbear for Apple fans wanting to get more from their machine.

There was once an Apple product that could be upgraded and pretty easily. That was the 1st generation of the Mac Pro. A behemoth of a tower with a surgically clean build inside and out and the ability to add RAM, drives and GPUs easily. Right now, you could take one of the 1st generation Mac Pros and bring it up to somewhere near today’s standards…TODAY’s. And that’s great…for today. But we’re looking for tomorrow, to future proof as much as we can.


OK, you’ve mentioned a 1st generation…so what about the latest generation? Surely go with a newer MacPro and upgrade as when you need to.

Well that’s where Apple slammed the door shut. They swapped this, for this. What’s been dubbed the trashcan, Apple’s latest Mac Pro which came in 2013 had the vast majority of parts soldered in, with no chance of swapping out parts or adding anything. It would be funny if it wasn’t so blatant.

But off the shelf PC’s and laptops are exactly the same, they solder CPUs and other parts to the motherboard.

This is true, however with the surge of custom PC building over the past decade, both by individuals and dedicated companies that will build a custom machine for you, the opportunity to get just what you want and leave room for growth has never been so attainable.

That doesn’t solve the problem of a die-hard Mac user tho.

If you’re hell bent on using Mac OS, no. Maybe. Stay with me.

I’ve spent the past few months really considering switching to Mac. Maybe a MBP, an iMac or even a MacPro. I’ve been so close and truth be told, if money wasn’t an option I’d probably go for the top of the line, all bells and whistles, with everything turned up to 11, Mac. However, money is an option. Unless you’re a lottery winner or a business tycoon, money is always going to be an option and you’ll always want to get the most you can for that money.

My main programs that I use are creative programs. The Adobe Suite, Sony Vegas etc and once I’m IN a program, most of the time, the Operating System I’m using doesn’t really matter.

Yeah OK, I’ve got to choose Command over Control, or ALT over Option but seriously, you can deal with that. The user experience of a program is the same regardless of the OS you’re using. In years gone by, Macs were quicker at rendering out video. Nowadays, not so much. And by not so much, I mean not at all. PC’s are as quick at rendering out Video as Macs and sometimes even faster. It depends what your machine’s spec is and bang for your buck, you’ll always get more with a PC.

Listen…if you really care about what the machine looks like on the outside rather than what it has inside and what it’s capable of…you are Apple’s demographic. When it all boils down, Apple products in comparison to competitors are style over substance. They look…slick. The new MPB looks amazing. You’ll need a s*** tonne of dongles and connectors to do what you did on the previous version but it looks great.

But I NEED a Mac to run FCP, Garageband, Logic Pro etc.

Yeah, there are Mac only applications but take Final Cut…no seriously, please take it. If hype is to be believed, Final Cut Pro X is the best piece of video editing software you can use…but it isn’t. Not even for beginners. Nor is iMovie, which used to be free and now it isn’t. Simple video editing on a Windows PC can easily be achieved with the STILL FREE, Windows Movie Maker. What something more advanced? Try Magix, Filmora, Da Vinci Resolve, or even Premiere Pro. Yep, Premiere Pro. The editing program of the industry works beautifully on a capable Windows machine.

But I NEED Logic, Garageband, Final Cut Pro!

Fine, ok, you got me stick with a Mac.


No! Here’s what you do. You create a dual boot system where on startup you choose whether to open in Windows or Mac, build a Hackintosh or run MacOS as a virtual machine. Get yourself a Mac keyboard if the Option key is so important to you. (I’m not saying you should do this…I’m just saying, it’s possible…if you can’t find an alternative program.) But in all seriousness, there are so many more creative applications out there for you to choose from.

But if I’m in the market for a laptop, there’s less ability to upgrade, isn’t there?

Yes, that’s true but still, you’ll get more for your money with a Windows laptop. Take a look at the ROG range from ASUS. Also, Alienware laptops are made to be overclocked and the Dell XPS 13 features Thunderbolt 3 which supports some of the fastest data transfer speed available. That latest Mac which was released in the past month, doesn’t have that.

So what’s my plans for 2017?


A custom built one. I’m not sure whether I’m gonna build it myself or get a reputable company to do it (watch this space, there may be something in the pipeline). There’s so many resources out there to get the exact PC you want now and for the future. Buying a Mac, just doesn’t make sense to me right now. That said, I’m not fully closing the door to Mac (like they have) I’ll always look for what’s best for what I do and what I can afford. Once you get emotionally tied to an OS, that’s when they’ve got you and they can start to take the p***. MCP touchbar? Anyone? Nope!

My Gear:

Main Cam – Logitech C920 Webcam:

Samson C01U Pro:








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