Little old me? Er…Ok, I’m older than I wish I was, better looking than some but not more than most. I’m the epitome of ‘Jack of all Trades…Master of some.’ Header

I’m a singer, entertainer, musician, video and audio editor, Web designer, slightly accomplished blogger shippingforaliving.wordpress.com and most recently, I’m having a go at photography photography site. I know a lot about a little and more often, a little about a lot. I think almost constantly with a 100mph brain but sadly it’s mostly rubbish.

Imagine if I was clever, I’d be so cool. As it is, I’m ok. I’m considered a nice guy by my peers even though I hate the term ‘nice’. I can be argumentative and sometimes smug but only when I definitely know I’m right, after I’ve excused myself to go to the loo before the end of the discussion for a quick consultation with Google (not a euphemism).

So if you want to know the musings and mind ramblings of a fella who is hurtling towards middle age, having been an honorary grumpy old man for over a decade already, come on in, kick of your shoes and grab yourself a bottle. Don’t forget to put on your slippers and maybe turn down the lights. This isn’t gonna be a sexy thing but with the lights lower it always feels more snug doesn’t it? I have simple tastes unless is technical stuff. In that case I’m a perverted Geek. A Geek because I know how things work, perverted because 9 times out of 10 I’m never gonna be able to afford said tech so I just look on salivating and imagining what it would be like to own the object of my obsession that chosen week, imagining just how cool and complete I would finally be.

Make yourself comfy and if you’re ever concerned as to what I may think of something, tweet me and ask. I just may have a thought about it. And if I don’t, give it a few minutes, I will do. @AdTheGeek


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