Mac Or PC For 2017?

So whichever side I come down on is going to annoy someone.

However, what I’m going to do here is make my case and back it up with facts. Not just, I like this one because it’s all I’ve known, or I like this one because it’s shiny and new and that means it’s better.

Out of the equation is familiarity. I’m lucky that I manage to learn new programs quickly. With that in mind, a completely new OS to me would probably take a couple of days to a week for me to master and that’s an amount of time I’m willing to put up with.

So which one? Mac or PC

Well, it depends on what you’re doing and what you need the machine for. (However, within this video, if my notes are anything to go by, I’m gonna negate that whole premise too).

What am I planning to do?

The most labour intensive activity you’re going to put your future machine through is precisely what you need to plan for. What I need it for, is probably the most intensive type of computing anyone outside of Quantum Mechanics will need a machine for; video editing and rendering.

4K is quickly becoming the norm and although I don’t have anything that captures true 4K yet, I’m planning for the future…and here we hit our first stumbling block; Future Proofing.

Buying the latest top spec Mac or off-the-shelf PC now, is good…for NOW!

It may even be capable for the next 18 months – 2 years but if past new releases are anything to go by, that’ll be it. After 2 years, if not before, an off-the-shelf computer will be outdated. Mac or PC! That’s not to say it won’t run and do what you wanted it to at the time of purchase, but it’s not going to be capable of doing what you want it to do…NEXT!

So you need something that can grow and it’s at this point where you kinda know where I’m going with this; Mac’s closed system doesn’t allow for this type of thing…much. And I say ‘much’ because official upgrades can always be got by going back to Mac or to a 3rd party company who will upgrade your system. You can also do it yourself with a kit, but that’s not for the faint hearted. This is expensive but it can be done. The Apple closed system has always been topic of controversy and major bugbear for Apple fans wanting to get more from their machine.

There was once an Apple product that could be upgraded and pretty easily. That was the 1st generation of the Mac Pro. A behemoth of a tower with a surgically clean build inside and out and the ability to add RAM, drives and GPUs easily. Right now, you could take one of the 1st generation Mac Pros and bring it up to somewhere near today’s standards…TODAY’s. And that’s great…for today. But we’re looking for tomorrow, to future proof as much as we can.


OK, you’ve mentioned a 1st generation…so what about the latest generation? Surely go with a newer MacPro and upgrade as when you need to.

Well that’s where Apple slammed the door shut. They swapped this, for this. What’s been dubbed the trashcan, Apple’s latest Mac Pro which came in 2013 had the vast majority of parts soldered in, with no chance of swapping out parts or adding anything. It would be funny if it wasn’t so blatant.

But off the shelf PC’s and laptops are exactly the same, they solder CPUs and other parts to the motherboard.

This is true, however with the surge of custom PC building over the past decade, both by individuals and dedicated companies that will build a custom machine for you, the opportunity to get just what you want and leave room for growth has never been so attainable.

That doesn’t solve the problem of a die-hard Mac user tho.

If you’re hell bent on using Mac OS, no. Maybe. Stay with me.

I’ve spent the past few months really considering switching to Mac. Maybe a MBP, an iMac or even a MacPro. I’ve been so close and truth be told, if money wasn’t an option I’d probably go for the top of the line, all bells and whistles, with everything turned up to 11, Mac. However, money is an option. Unless you’re a lottery winner or a business tycoon, money is always going to be an option and you’ll always want to get the most you can for that money.

My main programs that I use are creative programs. The Adobe Suite, Sony Vegas etc and once I’m IN a program, most of the time, the Operating System I’m using doesn’t really matter.

Yeah OK, I’ve got to choose Command over Control, or ALT over Option but seriously, you can deal with that. The user experience of a program is the same regardless of the OS you’re using. In years gone by, Macs were quicker at rendering out video. Nowadays, not so much. And by not so much, I mean not at all. PC’s are as quick at rendering out Video as Macs and sometimes even faster. It depends what your machine’s spec is and bang for your buck, you’ll always get more with a PC.

Listen…if you really care about what the machine looks like on the outside rather than what it has inside and what it’s capable of…you are Apple’s demographic. When it all boils down, Apple products in comparison to competitors are style over substance. They look…slick. The new MPB looks amazing. You’ll need a s*** tonne of dongles and connectors to do what you did on the previous version but it looks great.

But I NEED a Mac to run FCP, Garageband, Logic Pro etc.

Yeah, there are Mac only applications but take Final Cut…no seriously, please take it. If hype is to be believed, Final Cut Pro X is the best piece of video editing software you can use…but it isn’t. Not even for beginners. Nor is iMovie, which used to be free and now it isn’t. Simple video editing on a Windows PC can easily be achieved with the STILL FREE, Windows Movie Maker. What something more advanced? Try Magix, Filmora, Da Vinci Resolve, or even Premiere Pro. Yep, Premiere Pro. The editing program of the industry works beautifully on a capable Windows machine.

But I NEED Logic, Garageband, Final Cut Pro!

Fine, ok, you got me stick with a Mac.


No! Here’s what you do. You create a dual boot system where on startup you choose whether to open in Windows or Mac, build a Hackintosh or run MacOS as a virtual machine. Get yourself a Mac keyboard if the Option key is so important to you. (I’m not saying you should do this…I’m just saying, it’s possible…if you can’t find an alternative program.) But in all seriousness, there are so many more creative applications out there for you to choose from.

But if I’m in the market for a laptop, there’s less ability to upgrade, isn’t there?

Yes, that’s true but still, you’ll get more for your money with a Windows laptop. Take a look at the ROG range from ASUS. Also, Alienware laptops are made to be overclocked and the Dell XPS 13 features Thunderbolt 3 which supports some of the fastest data transfer speed available. That latest Mac which was released in the past month, doesn’t have that.

So what’s my plans for 2017?


A custom built one. I’m not sure whether I’m gonna build it myself or get a reputable company to do it (watch this space, there may be something in the pipeline). There’s so many resources out there to get the exact PC you want now and for the future. Buying a Mac, just doesn’t make sense to me right now. That said, I’m not fully closing the door to Mac (like they have) I’ll always look for what’s best for what I do and what I can afford. Once you get emotionally tied to an OS, that’s when they’ve got you and they can start to take the p***. MCP touchbar? Anyone? Nope!

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Setup & Technique Tips for Vloggers

So I’ve been toying with the idea for a few months of vlogging. As a result I’ve done a lot of research of setting up and the technical side behind it. All the information was out there but not necessarily all together. A great idea for a video I mused. So here’s what I came up with. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

Take a look:

How old am I?

I’m an adult!

I mean society tells me an adult is someone who is over the age of 18. However when you’re a child, adults around you often say that they still feel young. It’s the middle aged man who says that he feels like he’s 18 until he looks in the mirror. It’s the lady sat next to you on the bus. You know she scanned her pass with the driver but that doesn’t seem to stop her flirting with you, all batted eyelashes, coy giggle and tap of your knee as she rolls back into her seat complete with feet rising off the floor reacting to a ‘funny’ anecdote you’ve just shared.

You see, I think I’ve fallen into that category. Old. Albeit prematurely. I think prematurely. Is 32 old? There’s this ongoing fight I’m having in my head recently. I say recently, it’s more like over the last 5 years or so. Am I old? ’cause I don’t feel it!

A common saying is that you’re as old as the age you feel, but that can’t be right can it? If so, then some days I’d get on the bus for half. I’d get a lolly when I ate up all my dinner in Little Chef. Then again, some days I’d be able to get on said bus for free and probably get a discount in B&Q on a Wednesday. Some days I feel old, and some days I feel young. OK, some days older and some days younger. Is that what everyone feels?

This frequent inter-cranial battle arose again quite recently when Emma my wife and I stayed with friends. Ste and Claire, a great couple. Enfianced. Wedding in August. Very excited and rightly so. The two of them (same ages as us) seem so grown up to me. Not old. Mature in the sense of being comfortable in their ages. Incidentally, they’re the best hosts ever. Constantly feed you good stuff, leave you lovely fluffy towels on your bed and always a good supply of new and exciting drinks such as the latest flavour from Rekorderlig Cider or a recent genius concoction of ginger beer with Famous Grouse whisky. As I said, Genius!

I should add at this point that Claire is a buyer for a large drinks distributors and as such, she often gets free samples. Best. Job. Ever.

What’s more, when you’re set to end your stay at Chez Claire-Ste, you’re sent off with a packed lunch that would put your mother’s curly sandwiches and Transformers’ Thermos of Tizer to shame, including 2 bottles of white, a share size Lucozade, yummy sandwiches in Zip-Lock bags, Haribo and a TWIN PACK of Jaffa Cakes. Win!

So during our stay, we do what we all do. We mainly reside in the kitchen. Chatting, drinking, eating, laughing, yoinking new films from hard drives. Last one just me? I think not. However, during this time when we’re hearing about the wedding plans and salivating over the descriptions of the wedding breakfast, I’m suddenly lifted above the whole thing by my head. Almost floating above, looking down at myself and shouting, you don’t belong here! You’re stood there with your Ginger Grouse all chatty and grown up but you aren’t. You’re acting like a grown up. They’re gonna figure you out soon you know!? In a matter of moments everyone’s gonna turn and look at you and ask why you aren’t in bed. It’s a little off putting as you may imagine. Especially as I’d just started a little anecdote regarding how soon is too soon when crying at you’re own wedding? If you’re interested, I went far too soon! I’m stood there thinking, this really is a lovely evening, yet all the time I’m thinking that what I am in fact doing is acting my age. Acting.

If left to my own devices, without the strains of society, I’d drink the chocolaty milk out of my bowl at the end of a Coco Pops session. I’d scratch my bum if I needed to, regardless of being in the middle of a city centre on a Saturday afternoon. I’d sit on the floor when I’m tired, negating to acknowledge that my wife is currently looking at new jeans and I’m in the middle of a department store on said Saturday.

Do we act like we do because we want to, or is it because we have to due to our years?

That’s why more often than not, there’s seats outside a ladies’ changing room so weary husbands and partners can take a load off. However when there aren’t seats. END OF THE WORLD! It’s like a site of a refugee camp. All husbands and partners stood leaning on walls or clothing rails, each one avoiding eye contact, getting the way of other shoppers and checking Facebook or Twitter on their phones. We acts like adults, but are we actually ‘adults’?

I see people on TV and think, yep, they’re an adult. Only to find out that they’re younger than me. So it’s a concept then? It’s an appearance? The appearance of being an adult. Of being ‘all growed up’. If that is in fact the truth, with an active imagination like mine, I doubt that I’m ever going to feel like an adult. A mind that torments, chastises and generally winds me up on a daily basis.

If a person is the sum of their experiences then we’re all the ages we’ve been. We’re Child and Adult at the same time regardless of age. I’m a Kid-ult. An Ad-ild. Sweet!

Time for breakfast. COCO POPS!


Right and wrong and who decides?

There comes a time, in fact many times when the concept of right and wrong come into play. More accurately, which party is correct? However, regardless of ‘correctness’ if a person is passionate about what they’re saying with additional examples to support their claims, it’s hard in general to not at the very least, understand their view.

Often of late, I’m starting to really think hard when hearing a strongly supported argument which differs from my own view. By think hard, I don’t mean to reevaluate my stance and by support I mean what ‘appears’ to support and not necessarily what justifies claims. What’s causing this type of thing to create more sparking within my grey matter is just how a certain view can be considered at all, let alone wholly believed and in some cases, lived by.

Take the current homophobic stance Russia has which has had the spotlight shed on it due to a recent Despatches episode. Homosexuality is no longer illegal, however the government and church’s view that the ‘lifestyle’ is not suitable knowledge to those under the age of 18, has in effect outlawed its existence. The hatred the people shown in the programme have towards the gay community is absurd. They hunt them like vermin and have no thought of them as people. To them, a gay person (man in the vast majority of cases) is worse than vermin. They subject the gay community to unrelenting abuse and slander simply because of one reason. They don’t understand them. They don’t see that the attraction, and ultimately the love a person feels for another, is exactly the same regardless of which gender either or both are. However their views are ‘supported’ in their minds by ridiculous facts. They interchange the term ‘gay/homosexual’ with ‘paedophile’  without realising that each are not one and the same. They aren’t even in the same postal code.

The practice of luring a gay man back to a flat where several of these ignorant idiots are waiting to chastise, ridicule, taunt, embarrass and ultimately hurt someone purely because of the combination of his sexual preference and their unbelievable ignorance is harrowing. I found this documentary compelling, upsetting and haunting in equal measure. Add to that a healthy dose of ‘sickening’ and it’s no wonder why I can’t get this concept of being so far in the wrong out of my mind.

There’s a picture trending currently allegedly quoting the words of Morgan Freeman. Regardless of who actually said it, I think it’s so simple and yet so right. The quote is:

I hate the word ‘homophobia’.
It’s not a phobia,
You’re not scared;
You’re an asshole.


That quote sums up a good majority of my feelings toward this subject. The thought that a pseudo-medical term has been coined and accepted for the  view/mindset of an ignorant individual is more worrying than humorous. I’d love for the Oxford English to change out the word homophobia and add the concept of homophobia to ‘Asshole’. Used correctly;

I really hate gay people; I’m an Asshole

Now that really would be an accurate, supported view. At least by me.

Only just recently has it also come out in the online press about a man in Glasgow racially abused while the BBC were filming a documentary. From what I could gather the subject at the time of the attack was a Black man of British origin being ridiculed by two drunk, white men because of the colour of his skin and some reference to going back to his own country and how taxes are wasted on him. This highlighting even more ignorance. The guy is British, he was born in Britain and even if he wasn’t, what business is it of these two idiots?

‘Come over here, taking our jobs…’ is quite a common thing to hear. This never holds any weight for me. If someone was willing to do a job, the position would be filled. Anyway, I don’t want to go into this point but since this has just broken as a news story I wanted to at least cover it.

Above all views and beliefs, faith is the one that gets me the most. Up until recently, I’d never opened the door to a Jehovah’s Witness and quite often fantasised about what I’d say if I ever did. Many things had passed through my mind including, I must apologise but I need to lay down as I gave blood a little while ago, and one of my favourites I’m sorry I’m busy watching gay porn with my parents at the moment, can you call back later?

However, I had a Witness knock at my door only a couple of weeks back and although initially annoyed with myself at what I saw as ‘chickening out’ once I closed the door, how I did react has illustrated to me what I should have been planning to do all along.

This is how the encounter went and for safe of typing, I’m going to call him, Steve.

*door opens*
Me: Hi
Steve: Hi there, I’m not trying to sell you anything I just wanted to say hello as we’re new to the neighbourhood.
Me: Oh which house have you moved into?
Steve: Sorry, when I say ‘we’ I mean our congregation. I’m looking to spread the word of…
Me: No thanks.
Steve:…Jehovah. Oh, OK. Can I ask, is it just Jehovah or all religion that you feel this against?
Me: All religion to be fair. Any belief, regardless of name, which leads to such fighting, suffering and overall hatred towards anyone who believes different, you can keep. But good luck to you.
*Door closes (with me smiling politely)*

Now this is what hit me first and the hardest. I wished him luck. Had I sat down with him I’d have probably ripped his beliefs to shreds, quoting science and proven fact but would that have achieved anything other than making me feel superior for about a minute until I realised that in actual fact, all I’d been was a shit? I wished him luck, because I wished him no ill. I disagree with what he believes but that doesn’t mean I’m better than him. What I really got from this is, who are any of us to judge another? To quote scripture for no reason other than I agree with the sentiment, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Put simply, only those who are perfect have the right to judge someone else and none of us are perfect. However, applying that rule of thought surely would negate me from judging these aforementioned ‘Assholes’. Not in my view. What they believe in is severely harming people and they are not in any position to throw stones either.

Let’s just put the stones down and walk away. Or go for a coffee. Either way, let’s just stop being assholes.

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

Ah, the good old days!

It’s a very common term to utter at times when things for said utterer haven’t necessarily changed for the better or a previous time is preferred over current circumstances.

Remember when you didn’t have to lock your door? Ah, the good old days!  Remember when it was less than a pound for a pint? Ah, the good old days! Remember when Freddos were only 10p? Ah, the…actually that wasn’t that long ago!  What I’m trying to work out is if these days were actually good or whether, as is very common, the whole rose-tinted glasses paradigm is being applied. The thing is, being born in the 80s, I don’t remember a time when we didn’t have to lock the door but looking back at TV and film from the Seventies and before, I’m not too surprised. There wasn’t much to nick. The TVs weren’t HD, there was only vinyl and maybe 8-track and even worse, no one wanted to nick a BBC Basic, even with a 7½ inch floppy. What’s more, you can still get a pint for a pound I would imagine from some student dive of a bar if you were so inclined. However, with regards to Freddos, I’d prefer not to discuss this…it’s too painful right now.

You see that’s the thing, ‘the good old days’ are selective. We remember the good bits and chose to forget, or at least ignore the lesser times. You may miss the hands-on feeling you got when you had to wind back in the tape of a cassette with a biro but not the frustration when it was the original cassette 1 of 2Unlimted’s Greatest Hits your brother bought you for Christmas and you’ve wound it back it too quick so the bloody thing has creased and on the verge of snapping. An absolute gem of a pressie too. Thanks Chris. It may be sad to think with the birth of the Internet that we’ll never have to look up something in an encyclopedia ever again; literally feeling the physical weight of knowledge teamed with that all-knowing musk of bound leather, but really…Google’s so handy to settle a disagreement, and not least at the pub quiz. (Isn’t it funny how busy the toilets are when the quiz is on?)

You see I think a hankering for the good old days isn’t necessarily a desire to do away with what we have now, nor is it to negate modern advances in society or even technology. It’s all to do with growing up. The more we live, the more we learn. That is unless you’re an avid Jeremy Kyle viewer. As a direct result we know more than our younger selves did and more than our counterparts did in the generation before us at the age we are now. (My brain hurts!) If we know more, we have more knowledge of what makes us happy but, as is the balance of life, we know of more things that worry us. Sadness is cancerous. It seems to spread quicker and more effectively than happiness. It’s seen as more interesting too, just look at modern journalism. We hear, see and read about scandal each and every day yet very seldom do we witness reports of positive things. It’s like the negative is more sexy, more real. Eastenders showing this example several times a week, with a bumper edition of depression with the Sunday Omnibus. (Do they still do that now that we have the iPlayer et al?)

With this in mind, it means we don’t want to be sad, but it seems that is at the core of who we are. The default is in which we reflect on times gone by. Not sad; melancholy. Nostalgia with feeling. Which can’t feature a big smile because then you’re not doing it right. Not thoughtful enough if you’re happy. In that sense, it means everything we have in the present is under par unless it existed in the exact same way during those days of old, which of course includes nothing. TV has changed, cars have developed, sport has evolved. Even Horlicks has a ‘New & Improved taste’.

BOVRIL! That’s been the same since Shep’s Great Grandmother was a pup. I had a cup the other week when walking along Crosby seafront which took me back to when I was a kid. Since then, Big Mac’s are smaller, Burger King’s chips have gone rubbish and music is just noise, but Bovril. Oh Bovril, thank you for being you. Thanks for staying just the same.

Bovril: the ‘good old days’…but now.


A Statement of Misson


I’m a man and I like to muse. Correction, technically I’m a man as I’m a male over the age of 18 (ahem, 32), and I think a lot. In my musing I like to see what other men’s musings are but here’s my current problem which lead to me musing about writing down my own musings; men don’t muse. Well,  none that I can find other than those either wishing to discuss sports, simply show comedy clips from YouTube or score girls of the interweb on things other than their IQ.

In my wisdom, and since I am man, I am wise (apparently), I have decided to jot down my musings. Recently I started a blog about the job I was doing which I enjoyed very much but since I’m not currently doing that job, it’s kinda redundant now. I spend a lot of my time musing and, although I may be biased, most of my musings are interesting…at least they are to me. My main problem is that I think quite quickly, normally flitting through several things within a matter of seconds. So much so that quite often while perusing through my current facebook news feed, I’ll think about doing something on my phone yet as I keep scrolling, within a couple of posts I’ve forgotten what it was I was going to do and I then have to scroll back up to re-inspire myself. Thus, this endeavour may in fact prove fruitless or, due to me not remembering everything to say about something I’m thinking, there may be fruit but I can’t guarantee the quality of said produce and may actually be ever so slightly rotten.

Regardless, let’s have it…first subject, What Pigeons Really Think! Definitely gonna be a winner.